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OK, we are officially shifting gears into Brit Pop. And... Pulp just brings me to a special place. Ah, sex and snarky wit...

If I wasn't cynical before...

I saw a program on Discovery Science this morning that scientifically outlined what attracts humans to each other -- and what repels them.  So it has been posited that loss of love are not only inevitable, but normal.  And girls, it said some very chiding things about your awful behavior.  Very awful indeed. 

You are all on notice.

I am channeling Martindale this weekend, bitches.  Cross me at your peril....


In memorium to one of my personal heroes. 

Ricarcdo Montalban. 

25 November 1920 - 14 January 2009

As Bill Murray reminded us, he was Mas Macho.  And yes, that was his real chest.  

I question of propulsion

OK, I have a serious question to those of you who know me.....

Motorcycle:  An awesome and cool idea, or suicidal death machine?

Kevinsane in 2009

Kevin is crazy in 2009 040
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Yeah, that's right, I fuckin' rock.


As Dictionary.com would have it today...

ultimate \UHL-tuh-mit\, adjective, noun:

1. last possible, final; coming at the end
2. an ultimate point, result, fact, or other extreme condition
3. pertaining to an extremity; beyond which there is nothing or nothing greater
4. fundamental; basic; original


Can't We all Just Get Along?

Can't We all Just Get Along?
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Clark, no! He still owes me twenty bucks!

How Appropriate

On the eve of my 35th birthday, Dictionary.com's word of the day is:

narcissism \NAHR-suh-siz-em\, noun:

excessive love or admiration for oneself; in psychoanalysis, gratification manifested in admiration and love of oneself

So happy Kevmas to everyone!  I'll just be here loving myself so you don't have to!